I joined the PokerSource  Absolute Poker Instant Bankroll free poker money promotion because I wanted to practice my poker! I had read a book or two on poker and wanted to play more often, but my friends only played once every few months. I began playing ‘play money’ online poker sites, but realized quickly that it doesn’t take a genius to beat those games. I knew that if I wanted real practice, I would have to play real-money games. I came to the conclusion that playing for money - no matter how small the amount - is the only way to play and learn poker.

However, I was skeptical of poker sites and the lack of industry regulation. I wanted to ‘get my feet wet’ without having to deal with depositing. PokerSource’s Instant Bankroll was the perfect fit.

The instant bankroll free money has allowed me to:

1. Play and practice poker!  That’s reason enough!
2. Ensure that I am profitable.
3. Practice my bankroll management.
4. Improve my skills and try different plays.
5. Try online poker, (mostly) risk free!

Joining the Instant Bankroll was fairly straightforward, as PokerSource lays out the steps on their website. It can be confusing if you’re not paying attention, and one of my friends did make some errors and gave up on the promotion… so pay attention!

The basic things you should know:

You will open an account at PokerSource, download the poker room software from a link at PokerSource, and then create a player ID at the poker room making sure you enter the code from PokerSource.

You will need to send a picture of an ID to PokerSource. I had some reservations about doing so, but I was able to block out my ID# but kept my address, picture and birth date.  They can’t keep giving free money to the same person, so ID verification makes sense.

Note: You may  need to fill out the billing information at the poker room so they can match the information with PokerSource.

Basically, follow all the steps, pay attention, and you’ll get your instant bankroll, I did!

When you get your bankroll, you will receive $50 free money with a pending $50 bonus.  All poker rooms have bonus dollars, where they will release money into your account after you earn enough ‘poker room points’ to clear the bonus.  Basically the more you play, the more bonus money you will release.  It’s not easy at the microstakes, but clearing $10-$20 can probably be done with some work, but clearing the whole $50 is probably a stretch unless you run well and play a bit outside your bankroll.

I knew I would not be playing often, and I did not earn enough to earn any bonus, but I did retain and grow my initial $50 bankroll.  I improved my poker and consistently beat my friends and brother’s in-laws with a 50%+ ROI.

I do not have any experience with cashing out yet, but hopefully everything works out just fine.  PokerSource has been very helpful any time I have had a question, and so far has shown very good customer support.

Lastly, I did get one of my friends to join and got a referral bonus… it worked quite smoothly! Hopefully I can get a few more to join.

Good luck at the tables!


PokerSource username: GHOSTACESIII

City: Plainview, New York

Country: USA


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