My first promotion at PokerSource was with Full Tilt Poker about one and a half years ago. I just turned 18 and started to explore the world of online poker. But always after a few hours of poker I would notice I raked so much money that just lands into the hands of the pokersites. I started to search if I could play cheaper without having to do anything illegal, that's how I found PokerSource.  This site changed my way of playing poker. Now I could play as much as I wanted without losing too much money on rakes and even receive money for playing on different sites.  I was able to improve my poker skill a lot. But back to my first poker room signup, I started with full tilt poker since I saw commercials on television and on poker shows.

The first steps I had to go through slowly because I didn't want to make a mistake. However it is rather easy, the first time doing it made me feel nervous and scared incase I did something wrong, after I experienced there was nothing unclear or in any way hard to follow the steps. I deposited the money into my Full Tilt Poker account and started playing right away, of course I started losing on Full Tilt Poker, but later on I gotten into my game and luck returned and everything went great. The points required to receive my PokerPource points as a free gift where accomplished in no time. Once I pressed the completed promotion button things went very fast, within 3 days I had gotten through the verification process and my points were credited. Another 2 hours or so turned my points into cash on another poker site using one of their gift cards.

The customer satisfaction grade surprised me and I became very enthusiastic about PokerSource. I started playing some more on Full Tilt Poker since the website was in my eyes the perfect site to play on. I would sometimes play whole nights on the site and after a few months it paid off when I got second in a 11$ buy in tournament taking home almost 3000$, the cash out process at Full Tilt Poker is still the best I have ever experienced, my cashouts are processed within 20 minutes and even bank transfers are actually in my bank account within 2 days.

Another point about Full Tilt Poker is the constant flow of tournaments, there are people who play both cash games and tournaments. Well I consider myself a tournament player. On Full Tilt, I could sit and play 4 tournaments at the same time and if one didn’t go the way I wanted and I lost my chips another tournament within my requirements would open within 10 minutes. In general the first poker room I picked on PokerSource seemed to be the room where I always turned back to in times of crisis. I completed a lot of pokerroom promotions since that day and referred my poker buddy's to this site since I have had so much success with PokerSource. I can the forum is more helpful than any site I’ve been to and the speed is one thing that makes the free gift promotions so awesome.

PokerSource username: bullyingpros

City: Maastricht

Country: Netherlands

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