My username on PokerSource - dzerzh. I love poker and play it very often after work. I can't say that it's my main work. The first time I played it was a just for fun free ticket and was lucky to win 3rd place in 1000+ players MTT for 3$ :).

When you don’t know much about the game, the winning is more luck and not the result of your thinking. So after this big win I continued with endless losings. I really began to think that I’m a complete failure. But during this bad period I got some experience and decided to play very carefully and disciplined. I followed the decision to play only on microlimits with bankroll management that was the most optimal strategy.

I was lucky to find PokerSource in this time. Its was very interesting, that I found it while I was on a losing streak. My decision about careful and disciplined playing with great bonuses from PokerSource give me a great chance to build up my bankroll! The result? Within the week I almost regained all money I had lost and now I can believe that I can become successful player. Big thanks to PokerSource for this opportunity and chance to learn and improve my poker game!!!

Kiryl Dziarzhynski