My name is Kanstantin. Now I will explain how I had it all began, and was introduced to poker. In general, when I was a child, I often saw on TV in various films like people playing poker, and for some reason, always wanted to learn the rules of this game that could be understood something when watching those moments in movies. Even at that time I was very fond of card tricks, and seeing the book in one market with card tricks, I asked my mother to buy it to me, and I bought it because it cost is not expensive. So in that book, some of the rules of card games were described in addition to a variety of tricks. There I became acquainted with the game of poker, I like it very much. Then the years passed, I went to college and earned a loader, due to the latter, myself bought a computer, and later I got online. While for me poker for money was something terrible and not fit, I have always avoided any cash games, so playing from time to time in different social networks (of course on candy wrappers). Once I was on duty on the night shift at work (at that time I had already graduated from college and worked as an electrician, where I work to this day), and I saw on the television broadcast from some tournament on Pokerstars, I really enjoyed it and I tried not to miss any release. Then I decided to still go to this website which advertised there. Here then began my real introduction to poker. After playing a bit on the wrappers, I still decided on a minimum deposit, but of course all lost. Then, after losing a couple of deposits, I started looking for something to teaching some poker strategies of the game, looked on YouTube a couple of poker video, but it helped me not much, but something I was interesting from there. But it was not enough.


One time in a client I saw the "Poker School" and this is how I got here, register for the remainder I began to constantly various trainings, did from time to time deposits and trained. Then I immediately knew that the cash is not interested for me, I realized even playing on the wrappers. It was the end of 2015. Then I was not even planning to make a game of poker, but then I completely rethought and has already started to move seriously to what it would have to make on this. In January 2016 once again losing all the money, I thought, do not yet play a deposit freerolls. Basically playing while 100k Freeroll, and wins there $0.25 went and played S'n'G with the buy-in, in the end I managed to stuff so somewhere around $ 6,then again, I did the minimum deposit. of $10, that would be me more comfortable to play. Even then, I played 3-4 tables in one time. By spring I filled bankroll currently about $ 25. While there was full listing of Red Spade Open tournament for $55. And I suddenly wanted to try to qualify it through Satellites, I opened sattelite for 0.55 $ + R and in it I immediately everything was going well, I have it made just only one initial re-buy, the more I do not need I was then very surprised how the guys go all in with everything, because it is possible to rebuy, I managed several times to double and triple in the add-one by them, and of course I took the add-on as well as taught in Training, as a result I won the sattelite. But the $ 55 I found a very substantial addition to my bankroll and I decided not to play this tournament and take the money. Thus, I went to the limits above. But especially it was impossible to climb even higher. Ahead was a sulfur SCOOP tournaments in which I also wanted to take part because I liked the structure of some tournaments in this series, and I made a deposit of 30$ to play a tournament for $ 27 superknockout, it I too was waiting for success can not as great as for those who play these tournaments bankroll, but for me it was great. I have done it somewhere around 5-7 knockouts and flew into the mines ITM, which gave about $25, but by KO I won there and my $132 bankroll was at that time about $ 150- $170. In the spring I started on the advice of the coach, to play a variety of Satellites that would build a bankroll and go to the MTT, eventually reached the level of $235. Then I won the tournament, '' $ 1.1 $ 2.5k gtd '' 6th place and won $135. Here's a story here =) Now my bankroll is $351.


Playing MTT, I realized that it is very important success, and to play a lot of tournaments on the course to have a good profit. A very large dispersion. So I decided to retrain in SNG tournamtns. So I came across a great site Here offer unrealistic compared to the constant game conditions. :) I checked into partypoker played there sit and goes 6-9 max $5 buy-in. Firstly mean that the variance in comparison with MTT is much smaller in SNG tournaments. I have fulfilled the conditions for 4 days. And as a result, in general received around $150 as a bonus from I was very pleased and decided to gain a foothold in the SNG tournament.


Now I'm going to play a few more bonuses from  and general plans to play a lot of SNGs for stable earnings, as well as play a big MTT tournaments with the hope of 1-5 places. I am very glad I found this great resource, thanks pokersourse for an excellent opportunity to quickly and significantly increase my bankroll.


I hope you like the story of my beginnings.

PokerSource username: mmfweb