Thanks to Pokersource and its resources for improving my development as an online poker player.  The following is the testimony of my appreciation. 

There are many things that I could say in appreciation of Pokersource and its operators.  I became aware of Pokersource through a friend’s referral.  I am quite a new player.  I first found out about online poker from betting on sports at Bodog.   I started playing low limit poker and could not drag myself away from the tables to get in any sport bets.  So, anyway, my friend, who has played on Pokerstars for a few years, said I should go to this internet site where I could sign up and play on Pokerstars, and by signing up through the site, I could get cool free gifts or money.  So, I went straight to Pokersource.com to try it out.

I was met with an eye catching homepage and found the link I was looking for right away.  I wanted to hurry and start playing at Pokerstars after hearing about the massive tournaments being spread all throughout the day.  I clicked the free gifts link, selected Pokerstars(Absolute Poker, Bodog, Cake Poker, Carbon Poker, Doyle’s Room, Full Tilt Poker, and Ultimate Bet are also available), and then was blown away from what I could select as the free gift:  12000 PSO points that could be spent in their store, three poker books, a store or poker room gift card, Holdem Manager Pro, Nevada Jacks 500 chips, poker chipsets, three months of Pokertracker 3, or a year's subscription to Stoxpoker.com.  How do I choose?  Being indecisive as I am and in a hurry to start playing, I chose the 12000 PSO points to spend later.  From there, it was really pretty simple and straight forward.  All I had to do was download the poker software from their link, install it, and register a new account.  A deposit of at least $50 was required, but I put in $100, since I was able to take advantage of Pokerstars' new player promotion.  Pokerstars will match you up to $600 after playing so many hands.  They even honor the next two consecutive deposits in this promotion if the first did not add up to all of the $600.  So, then I just went back to Pokersource.com to give them the username I used along with the date and amount of deposit. That was it.

As soon as I cleared 250 frequent player points, I was supposed to have fulfilled my requirements with Pokersource and could go on that shopping spree.  It took only four or five days to rack up those points, but definitely would have taken a lot less and maybe even less than a day for a bigger player.  I confirmed it with Pokersource on their site and sat back and waited to hear from them.  It wasn’t more than a few hours untiI received an email claiming that 12000 points were sitting in my PSO account waiting to be spent.

I logged off PokerStars and in a flash was in the PSO store.  I was blown away for the second time.  I could buy gift cards for BestBuy, Amazon, Target, and even online poker rooms; poker chipsets, and nice ones; poker table tops; poker supplies:  chip cases, poker cards, DB dealer timer button, and acrylic chip racks; all the great books, DVDs, and software.  Again, I was met with a dilemma.  I thought, “Well I could use extra dough for my Bodog account.”  I selected the bodog gift card option.

A $25 gift card was only 2500 points.  With my 12000 points, I could get $100.  Wow!!!  I checked out, seeing that processing would take two to three days.  I figured I would try out the customer support, namely the live chat which is available 24/7.  The other options are speaking outright to an agent, which is almost impossible to find on similar sites, email, and did I mention the awesome forum with 1000s of threads containing solutions about any problem you may have.  The chat box popped up immediately.  I wanted to know if I could go ahead and get the gift cards put into my account so I asked the agent.  She asked me to hold so she could access my Pokersource account and came back and said that they were working on it as I was reading this and that it would show up in my Bodog account in less than an hour.  How’s that for customer service?  Pokersource truly is the best thing out there for your bankroll or for anything poker.  I guess now I can go back and see what the rest of the site is like.

I mean I have only made a small dent in it and I’ve gained so much.


Texas,   USA


PokerSource is the home of the original Free Poker Money and Free Poker Gifts promotions.  If you want to check out some of same offers rgn1901 signed up for click here.