I always like to research good deals on the internet for online poker rooms or things that would benefit me while gambling on different poker sites. I found PokerSource and thought it was a great deal. I looked at what they have to offer. I have researched if they are a legit site before I signed up with them. I found out that they are the original free poker supplies website, and with over well over 250,000 customers and 260,000 forum members, they are one of the largest and fastest growing poker communities on the Internet.

PokerSource recently teamed up with Bluff Magazine and was excited to release an exclusive Bluff Magazine upgrade code. They have a bunch of poker sites. You can choose to sign up with PokerStars, Bodog Poker, Cake Poker, Carbon Poker, DoylesRoom,, Full Tilt Poker, etc. They have gifts like PSO points, gift cards, poker chips, poker books, etc.  I was able to pick what site I wanted. I signed up on one of their casinos which is Absolute Poker. I downloaded the Absolute Poker from their website and  I then followed instructions and made an account. Poker source online requires me to deposit a specific minimum amount of money. I deposited the qualifying amount of money. They also require you to complete specific number raked hands or earn specific points. I completed the points or raked hands that was required by poker source online by playing on the poker site I chose from them.

PokerSource has step by step instructions that I had to follow. It was pretty easy. Once I was done with all the requirements. I went back on my account page at PokerSource and clicked a button that I have completed the requirements. PokerSource will review if I have indeed completed all the requirements. They contacted the poker site to verify that I met the playing requirements.  Once they have confirmed that I have completed all the requirements, they credited me with the gift that I chose which was 12000 PokerSource Points. I used it to order $100 Amazon gift card. You can do whatever you want with your points. As little as 3 days I received my gift card on my email and bought stuffs with it from Amazon. There are a lot of options on what you can do with your points, you can transfer them into your casino account; can buy from their Points Store, etc. I’m glad I signed up with PokerSource. They are not a scam. Just follow directions and complete the necessary rake hands/ points and deposit the qualifying amount into the poker site of your choice. As a member of PokerSource, I am also qualified to play in monthly freeroll tournaments worth thousands of dollars.  They will always let you know what new promotions they have and will offer you different ways to earn points. Sign up now!!!

PokerSource username:  wowowee

City:  West Covina

Country:  USA


PokerSource is the home of the original Free Poker Money and Free Poker Gifts promotions.  If you want to check out some of same offers wowowe signed up for click here.