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  • elmat

    Hello. My name is Elena. I am from Ufa Russia. And I want to share with my poker experience. I became interested in this game after I first saw the movie Rounders, where one man earns money playing poker professionally.... Read more

  • up4down3

    I started to play poker when I was in my first year at the university, I study at Belarussian State University at the faculty of Economics. It is often a problem for student to find some money and I wasn’t the exception. At that time I was looking for additional income and poker became a great opportunity for me. Once my eye caught a poker tournament on TV.... Read more

  • litvinova2

    First, absolutely do not understand the intricacies of the game, began to play for money. Lost my entire paycheck over and over again. Then when I started to win some money, immediately began to withdraw, not realizing that you need to invest in bankroll and increase the limits
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  • mmfweb

    Hello! My name is Kanstantin. Now I will explain how I had it all began, how I was introduced to poker. In general, when I was a child, I often saw on TV in various films like people playing poker, and for some reason, always wanted to learn the rules of this game that could be understood something when watching those moments in movies.
    ... Read more

  • Bobinaz

    Hello, my account is Bobinaz. I am from Russia, For the first time, I heared about poker, specifically about hold'em, few years ago, before this, poker was for me a pretty boring game, all my knowledge about him was only: you got cards and shoud collect combinations that you need to collect to win. My first steps in hold'em I did in university. I had time, which had to be killed) The first game I played in the app in my phone.... Read more

  • cqarimver

    Hey. My name is Yauheni. I am from Belarus, Minsk. I work in a bank specialist to work with clients. I am fond of rock music. My life was fairly routine. In my spare time, I mainly went to rock concerts and vacationing with my colleagues. One day my colleague Denis offered me to play poker with his friends. Until that moment I had never played and I was curious. I do not even know the combinations. So I always had to watch the table with them.

    ... Read more

  • yshashok

    Hello, my name is Yaheni, I've been playing poker for about 1 year. It all started with the fact that as the evening I watched TV. According to the TV channel Sport showed poker ... I do not remember exactly which tournament but I remember that Alexander Kostritsyn won it. I did not know what poker was so I look at what happens on TV, and did not understand anything. But after seeing I wanted to know what is poker was all about.
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  • KilaKela

    Hi! My username is KilaKela. I'm from Russia. I want tell about my experience with I was invited by my friend to this site and told me that for as little as $50 initial deposit, plus minimum play requirements, I could get PokerSource Points. I registered for a promotion and quickly earned the points.... Read more

  • Quafffe

    Hello, I began playing ‘play money’ online poker sites, but realized quickly that its not poker at all. In play money people play like in roulette I knew that if I wanted real practice, I would have to play real-money games. I wanted to practice my poker in real cash games, but didn't want to risk my own money a lot!

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  • Adonis101

    Hello, my naim is Eugeniya. I am from the city of Perm, but now live in Moscow. Graduated University majoring in "Psychology." With poker met at the end of 2008. Then there was a big crisis and had to resign from work. "It would not be happy"... as they say. Accidentally saw on TV a broadcast of EPT, the game I was immediately captured,
    ... Read more

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